January 26

at 5:30pm PST, 8:30pm EST

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Jason is going to cover…

  • 7 Retirement Withdrawal Strategies
  • Create an asset allocation strategy designed for retirement.
  • How to know if you are on track to retire with confidence.
  • Will your spouse be OK if you were to die early?
  • How should you be investing now with high stock valuations and rising interest rates.
  • Will you become a burden either physically or financially?
  • Have you saved enough for retirement?
  • Learn why retirement is all about cash-flow and not your net worth.
  • Is Social Security broke?
  • When to claim Social Security as part of a retirement income plan.
  • How to stress test your plan against stock market risk, inflation, death of one spouse, and long term care.
  • Consider the tax implications of your planning.
  • How to create a 3 bucket system for diversification in retirement.
  • How to put all of the pieces of the retirement puzzle together.